He was a killer at 12, but he’ll soon be a free man.

Curtis Jones, once the youngest convicted murderer in the nation, is set to be released from a Florida prison more than 15 years after he gunned down his father’s girlfriend.

The pint-sized shooter and his 13-year-old sister, Catherine Jones, were convicted in 1999 in the shocking killing, Florida Today reported.

The young siblings hatched the murder plot together, arming themselves with their father’s pistol as they prepared.

They originally planned to slaughter their father and an adult male relative who lived with them as well, but they grew frightened after the first kill and ran into the woods.

The brother and sister claimed they were sexually abused by the male relative. Their father and his girlfriend didn’t believe them, despite a child services report acknowledging there were signs of abuse, so they took matters into their own tiny hands.

Source: Youngest convicted killer in U.S. to be released from prison – NY Daily News