Stump for Trump.

Few have been as vocal in their support for GOP front-runner Donald Trump as Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson. The two outspoken ladies have a YouTube channel dedicated to backing the man whom they hope will be the next president of America.

In a recent upload to their channel, “The Viewers View,” these women actually put their money where their mouth is, in an extremely epic way.

The two women, known more colloquially as the “Stump for Trump Girls,” have become a YouTube sensation with their hard-pounding, “salty” talking support videos.

One video entitled “Megyn Kelly Starts A War With Donald Trump At The Debate” garnered well over 1.4 million views in a little over a month. However, many wondered if these women, who were registered Democrats, really meant what they so passionately spoke about.

Their latest video showed the two YouTubers arriving at their local Board of Elections. They went in and proceeded to change their party affiliations from Democrat to Republican.

These ladies wanted every Republican to be clear on one thing:

“You all should be thanking Donald Trump. It’s because of him that people are changing their parties, because it’s because of him that people are going from Democrat to Republican,” Lynette stated in the video.

Source: Wow. The Black Women Who Make Viral Videos For Donald Trump Just Took It To A Whole New Level