Rev. Franklin Graham isn’t known for shying away from controversial statements, and the remarks he made on Muslim immigration after the Chattanooga shooting in July were no exception.

Asked whether he would step away from the remarks during a Wednesday interview, Graham told The Church Boys that he was doubling down on his comments.

In the July 18 Facebook post, Graham wrote, “We should stop all immigration of Muslims to the U.S. until this threat with Islam has been settled. Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized — and they do their killing to honor their religion and Muhammad.

“During World War 2, we didn’t allow Japanese to immigrate to America, nor did we allow Germans,” Graham pointed out. “Why are we allowing Muslims now?”

In the interview, Graham refused to back away from his remarks.

“By letting Muslims come into this country at this time (there’s) the potential for some of these people to turn on this nation for our kindness and our gratitude and commit murder,” Graham said. “And it’s not just the murder of just one or two, but it could be a large event that could take the lives of many people.”

As for his critics, Graham says he’s completely unfazed by the controversy.


“I don’t care, because what I said was true,” he told the interviewers. “I’m thinking of my children, my grandchildren. I’m thinking of Americans who live everyday lives who don’t understand.”

Graham did go on to say that the only immigrants the U.S. should let in are the Christians who are being persecuted by Islamists.

Source: Wow, Rev. Franklin Graham Just Dropped a Bombshell Proposal for Muslim “Immigration”… This Is Huge