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Presidential candidate [score]Marco Rubio[/score] was campaigning in Minnesota on Super Tuesday, a state he ultimately won, when he felt compelled to temporarily halt his rally in mid-spiel.According to The Hill, a women in the crowd seemingly fell ill and appeared to faint before she was eventually escorted out of the room.Upon noticing the woman who fainted, the Florida senator paused his rally in Andover momentarily to give workers a chance to help the woman, before proceeding to say a quick prayer for the health and well-being of the women.

After Rubio had paused the rally, but before invoking the Lord’s name in prayer, a man in the crowd yelled out, “Class act, Marco.”

“I just want to take 10 seconds to say a prayer,” Rubio said. “Father Lord we ask you for your blessing upon our sister who is feeling ill at this moment, Lord, that you may come upon her with your spirit to heal her.”

“Lord, may your will be upon her and give her the strength Lord to overcome whatever she is facing,” he continued. “In the name of your son Jesus we pray, amen.”

And with that, following some applause and cheers from the crowd, Rubio launched back into his speech, attacking billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump, calling him a “con artist” and comparing him to Minnesota’s disgraced former governor, Jesse Ventura, an embarrassing entertainer who also became an elected official.

“How did that work out with Jesse Ventura?” Rubio asked, adding, “Jesse Ventura was an embarrassment.”

“I will rephrase that. Jesse Ventura is an embarrassment … and Donald Trump will be an embarrassment to America,” Rubio declared.

Source: When Woman Faints at Rally, Rubio Makes Incredible Move That Leaves Crowd Dead Silent