Will Trump Boycott the Next Debate? Says Money Grubbing Networks Are Exhausting Viewers Click to Tweet

Donald Trump appeared on On the Record tonight, where Greta Van Susteren asked him to elaborate on his threat today to boycott the next Republican debate.

Trump made a point of complaining about how long the debate was on CNN several weeks ago, and similarly accused CNBC of trying to milk advertisements for all their worth.

“What they are trying to do is they have sold out all their commercials and want to increase it by an hour,” Trump said. He continued to point out how the Democratic debate only lasted for a little over two hours, saying “they are doing it because they want to make more money”…

“The networks are making a fortune off of this stuff, they never made money, they always lost money with it, now they are making a fortune,” Trump said. “I wonder why?

Source: Trump: Three Hour Debate is Unfair, Networks Are Exhausting Viewers for Money