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A few months ago I was channel surfing and ended up landing on “Fixing the System,” an HBO documentary which highlighted the need for prison reform. It’s a real issue – America holds 22 percent of the world’s prisoners, while we only make up slightly over 4 percent of the world population. And it’s not like we’re an extraordinarily violent nation that would justify this.

The documentary showcased the stories of many nonviolent drug offenders who are on track to spend their lives in prison due to mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Obama makes an appearance on the documentary, speaking with some prisoners.

From a fiscally conservative point of view, I wasn’t against the president’s opinion on this. Why spend over $30,000 a year to house prisoners who pose a harm only to themselves? We don’t need to provide daycare for adults.

So when Obama announced he would be commuting the sentences of prisoners, I expected it to be in line with what I saw in “Fixing the System” — that someone who made a mistake in their youth using drugs would be given another chance to contribute to society.

Of course, my hopes were set a bit too high.

As the Daily Caller reports“President Barack Obama announced two pardons and 95 commutations Friday afternoon, with the vast majority of his clemency going to dealers of crack cocaine.

The grant of clemency, timed to coincide with the Christmas holiday, is the largest such grant of Obama’s presidency, and takes the total number of sentences he’s commuted up to 184. The grant comes on the heels of 46 commutations Obama issued last July.

More than 40 of the commutations are for life sentences, and most of the beneficiaries will be released in April…

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