Netanyahu just delivered a dose of the thing they hate the most: The truth!

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry falsely told the world that their shoddy nuclear deal with the rogue nation of Iran would make the world a more “safe” place, but Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is blasting it.

“What is clear is that Iran will now have more resources to divert to terrorism and its aggression in the region and around the world, and Israel is prepared to deal with any threat,” Netanyahu said at his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, according to the Prime Minister’s Office, a day after the nuclear deal officially went into effect.

Netanyahu was specifically referring to the $150 billion in extra money that Iran gained access to on Saturday, when years of crippling international sanctions were removed.

And like Donald Trump said, Iran won’t have to worry about manufacturing nuclear weapons, they now have the money to BUY them.

The prime minister also boasted his own administration’s efforts toward keep Iran contained.

“Were it not for our efforts to lead sanctions and thwart Iran’s nuclear program, Iran would have had nuclear weapons some time ago,” he said. “Israel’s policy is exactly as it has been — not to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapon.”

Obama’s policy, on the other hand, has been the exact opposite. By removing sanctions and trusting Iran to abandon its aspirations to obtain nuclear weapons, the president has given the terror-supporting nation even more means to destabilize the Middle East and spread terrorism across the globe.

Source: Obama and Kerry Claim Iran Is Now “Safe” … Benjamin Netanyahu Steamrolls Them With 1 Blunt Fact