According to a recent New York Times report, Barack Obama’s latest family vacation might be overshadowed by his concern over the congressional approval of the controversial Iranian nuclear deal. He is reportedly reaching out to Democrat lawmakers in an effort to shore up support ahead of a September vote on the agreement.

One Times source with ties to the administration revealed Obama is calling legislators with a simple message: “If you support the deal, we’d like you to make that clear. And if you still have concerns, we want to be able to answer those questions.”

As Western Journalism reported, another activist group is staging demonstrations this week near Obama’s vacation home and Secretary of State John Kerry’s Boston residence. Its stated purpose is to urge U.S. leaders not to accept a deal with Iran that does not secure the release of four Americans being held in the nation.

Another influential voice of opposition to the deal is coming from Israel via Ron Dermer, the nation’s U.S. ambassador.

An unidentified Israeli official confirmed that Dermer “has met with more than 60 senators and congressmen in the last month,” explaining Democrats are a prime focus of his outreach.

Source: White House Reveals The Only Thing Obama Is Interrupting His Vacation For – And It Proves His Desperation