President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry spent years negotiating an incredibly lucrative nuclear deal with Iran that not only paved Iran’s way to nuclear weapons technology, but also meant the release of $150 billion that will likely be used for nefarious actions against Israel and the United States in the future.

While all of that was taking place, our neighbors to the north took a drastically different course of action.

In 2012, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced that Canada had expelled all Iranian diplomats, but they didn’t stop there.

The Canadian government labeled Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism and pulled the plug on the Canadian embassy in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

“Canada views the government of Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today,” Baird announced.

While Obama and Kerry sipped tea with Iranian government officials, Canada ceased all ties with the barbaric sponsors of terror, as they obviously knew that any type of relationship with Iran was nothing more than volunteering to be the victim in a national security con game…

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