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No thinking person could refer to Bill Clinton as a prude…or a man with high morals, for that matter. His sexual peccadilloes — those proven as well as alleged — are forever emblazoned into the minds of the public, starting from the time he first ran for president in 1992. Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, and of course, Monica Lewinsky are but a few of the women who have come forward telling stories of liaisons with the former president.

So it’s no wonder that, according to the authors of a new book, “Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love,” due to Bill’s reputation as a Casanova, Hillary once demanded that he be tested for HIV.

As described in the book by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince — to be released on December 21st — Bill preferred unprotected sex, thus prompting the former first lady’s request for the medical test. Mind you, back in the 1990’s, contracting the AIDS virus was largely considered to be a death sentence due to the lack of anti-viral drugs which are available today.

Hillary was tested as well, and to their relief, both of their tests reportedly proved to be negative.

Authors Porter and Prince also make claims in the new book that Bill attempted to seduce…

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