WH Reporter Tweets That Obama's Snorkeling in Hawaii for Vacation, Man Tweets AMAZING Response Click to Tweet

As the Islamic State group continues to run roughshod over Iraq and Syria and tensions with China and Russia are at their highest since the Cold War, our president decamped to Hawaii for yet another of his lengthy Christmastime vacations.

If his past sabbaticals are any indication, Obama’s Christmas no doubt involved tons of golf, expensive restaurants and other pricey stuff — all purchased by the hard-earned money of American taxpayers.

Needless to say, the taxpayer has become a bit less than enamored of how the president likes to vacation.

So, when one of the reporters assigned to cover Obama’s latest Pacific junket tweeted about the president’s activities for the day, which included snorkeling, another Twitter user got in a hilarious barb about the president’s vacation in just two words.


 Hah! Don’t give Hillary Clinton any ideas, or else sharks with laser beams on their heads might begin to show up at the preserve.

Sharks aren’t the only dangerous thing Obama will have to dodge in paradise, either. There’s also the former “Choom Gang” members he used to do drugs with, who I’m sure wouldn’t mind a favor or two from the president.

Obama hasn’t publicized his time with the Choom Gang back in his high school days, and for good reason…

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