In Afghanistan, Taliban fighters frequently fire rockets at U.S. military bases. These rockets are mostly cheap, 107mm rockets made in China.

However, military officials are not taking any chances with the safety of our troops — and thus put an insane gun to work that drops these rockets like flies.

At Bagram Airfield, the guns used by the U.S. Army to take out oncoming rockets are called C-RAM, which is short for Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar System. The gun featured in the video below is the M61 Vulcan cannon, part of the C-RAM system.

The M61 has a series of massive six-barreled 20mm Gatlin guns that spew up to 75 rounds per second, according to Stars and Stripes.

It has been used successfully to take out rockets fired at military bases in Afghanistan with a fireball that typically lights up the sky, followed by bright tracer rounds from the gun that reach out for their target.

The C-RAMs are run by Task Force Iron Shield, a group of soldiers with the Florida National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 265th Air Defense Artillery Regiment.

The weapon was initially designed to be used decades ago on Navy ships. However, the Army eventually redesigned it for use in Iraq.

It has been at Bagram Airfield since 2012.


Source: VIDEO: When Enemy Rockets Head for Our Troops…This INSANE Gun Shoots Drops Them Like Flies