WATCH: 'Peaceful' Muslim Refugees Launch Fireworks Into Crowds in Cologne Click to Tweet

Video footage continues to emerge of the mass sexual assault committed by migrants on women at the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the German city of Cologne.

Breitbart Londonbroke the story of the attacks in the English-speaking media after the German press finally started reporting the incident three days after it had actually happened.

The media silence has stunned the German people, who are wondering why no one dared report such as massive attack by so many men on so many women at such a crowded event.

The latest video shows men hurling fireworks into the crowd outside the city’s cathedral, causing panic among confused revellers who do not know where to turn.

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YouTube user Das Schlüsselkind, who uploaded one video, comments underneath: “What needs to happen before the complete resignation of the Merkel government? What were those in politics and the media waiting for? For a civil war or for a new Stauffenberg [the German officer who tried to kill Hitler] to finally take the problem in hand?”

The user adds that women were surrounded by groups of men and “touched inappropriately”. Up to 1,000 men were involved…

Source: WATCH: Migrants Launch Fireworks Into Crowds in Cologne