Hah! Caitlyn Jenner is the 'Butt of a Joke' at the Country Music Awards... Libs Furious! Click to Tweet

In a hilarious promo of the upcoming Star Wars movie, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley started off Wednesday’s Country Music Awards dressed as Princess Leia and Han Solo. Pretending to be upset that the Star Wars promo was cancelled, they ran around the backstage set informing the other country singers of the sad news. Darius Rucker was dressed as a Storm Trooper, and Luke Bryan as Darth Vader.

Paisley and Underwood then took to the CMA stage to sing their spoof song: “(Paisley) Cray Cray. This world has gone bat poop cray cray. Watch me nay nay. Watch me whip. Watch me stanky leg, too. (Underwood) Man buns. Some dude called us women ‘tomatoes’. (Paisley) McDonalds’ breakfast all day now. Bruce Jenner’s a babe now. (Underwood) Hey now! (Paisley) And Trump’s leading in the polls. (Underwood) Well, actually, Brad, he’s slipping. (Paisley) Really? (Unison) Totes cray cray.” And with that the duo began the 2015 CMA awards Wednesday…

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