On the matter of the debate the other night, tell the truth. Admit it. You were underwhelmed. Somewhere inside of your cranium you did not get the spectacle you anticipated. I understand.

After Hillary’s coughing spells, after her wobbly display at the 9/11 ceremony in New York City (she almost fell face forward on the running board of her van), after her admission to pneumonia and all the rumors that admission gave rise to, you had expected something highly dramatic. Perhaps the COUGH would return. Perhaps she might pass out under Donald Trump’s relentless barbs, possibly to be wheeled out on a gurney. Or perhaps you thought Donald might explode or go into a wild rant. Well, it did not happen. Both debaters pretty much played to form. Both were highly disciplined, one being a billionaire who has made it mostly on his own and the other having survived in public life for at least 45 years with no jail time.

Some observers thought Hillary won. Over at CNN Anderson Cooper’s panel of experts — it seems they have thirty or forty on stage at any given time — were exultant for Hillary, though there were the usual two holdouts, the indispensable Jeffrey Lord and Kayleigh McEnany. Also CNN’s pollsters came up with similar findings, 62 percent for Hillary and 27 percent for Donald. Though the rest of the polls nationwide and in the battleground states found for Donald. At CNN both those on stage and those polled seem to confuse the workings of their hearts with the workings of their brains, perhaps even the workings of their gall bladders.

Source: http://spectator.org/why-donald-is-winning/