‘Want to P— Off Obama? Buy a Gun,’ SC shop sign reads Click to Tweet

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — Driving down Main Street in Simpsonville, a local gun shop sign is making a big political statement following President Barack Obama’s call for tougher gun control in an address to the nation Sunday.

It implies you can stick it to the man, so to speak, by coming in and buying a gun.

And it turns out the sales prop is working.

The sign reads “Want to piss off Obama? Buy a gun.”

“It’s mainly just to sell guns, but there’s a little bit of political connotation to it also,” said Mark Teal, owner of Simpsonville Gun and Pawn.

It’s a political connotation, according to Teal, stemming from Obama’s address to the country Sunday night regarding terrorism and gun control.

“Congress should act to make sure that no one on a no-fly list should be able to buy a gun,” said Obama in his 13-minute address to the nation.

Obama also called for legislation to ban assault weapons like the ones used in San Bernardino.

“What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terror suspect to buy a semi-automatic weapon,” Obama questioned.

Teal said he wasn’t impressed.

“I just think it’s strange that he has 24-hour security, his children and wife have 24-hour security with armed guards everywhere they go [and] it’s OK for them to have armed guards, but it’s not OK for us to protect ourselves,” said Teal.

Source: ‘Want to P— Off Obama? Buy a Gun,’ SC shop sign reads | WNCN