Walmart Publicly Humiliates Elderly Vet, But Look What They Did For MUSLIM Employee Click to Tweet

Lee Young visited his local Walmart for the low prices and the convenient shopping. Instead, what he got was a powerful lesson in double standards.

In a post on Facebook, Young described how the staff at a Walmart in Okemos, Michigan, humiliated an elderly veteran but allowed a Muslim employee to get away with something entirely similar. His post has been shared over 77,000 times, with many calling for a boycott of the retailer.

“So for the past however long I can remember there has been a older gentleman by the name of Val who is a greeter at Walmart,” Young began his post.

“This man is a Veteran and very proud to be. You don’t need to know him or even speak to him, although I thank him for his service every time I see him, because he illustrates his pride through the highly decorated Veteran baseball cap he wears … or … used to wear.”

That came to an end, however, thanks to the people at Walmart.

“One day I as I walked in I noticed a bright blue Walmart hat on his head with all the military pins that once adorned his wore out faded military cap and I asked him about it. We both had tears in our eyes as I wished him a blessed day and shook his hand before I left. His reply was simple and full of hurt, ‘corporate will not allow me to wear that hat anymore while on the clock, because it goes against the dress code,’” Young wrote.

From then on, Young tried to avoid the Walmart unless he absolutely needed something. However, he would occasionally require something from the store, and on a recent visit he saw this:

Screenshot 2015-12-19 22.42.21

Yes, that is a Walmart employee, and yes, she is wearing what you think she’s wearing.

“As I’m standing in line to pay this woman in her Walmart vest steps into line behind me and immediately I was outraged!” Young wrote.

“So one of our own who signed his life away to protect our freedoms and homeland cannot wear his simple old hat but this woman can wear a headscarf proclaiming her love of the Muslim culture and her dedication to Allah!? Kiss my a** Walmart!!!!”

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Source: Walmart Publicly Humiliates Elderly Vet, But Look What They Did For MUSLIM Employee