Fewer than half of Americans are very confident that their vote for president will be counted correctly — and most say their ballot will not matter anyway because the political process is so dominated by corporate interests.

These are among the results of a P.R.R.I. poll released on Tuesday showing a nation that is deeply ambivalent about the electoral process.

Americans are almost evenly divided on whether fraud or voter repression is a bigger problem, despite many studies showing that fraud is almost nonexistent nationwide.

The findings suggest there may be at least some audience for Donald J. Trump’s claims that the presidential election could be “rigged.”

And they dovetail with recent trends. In a Gallup survey in August, 36 percent of Americans said that voter fraud would most likely be a major problem this election, more than those who said it would not be an issue. That was up significantly from a pre-election Gallup poll in 2004, when just 24 percent expressed serious concern about fraud.

“Most pernicious, I think, is the fact that Americans are basically divided on which is the bigger problem, voter fraud or disenfranchisement,” said Robert P. Jones, the chief executive of P.R.R.I.

In the poll, 41 percent said voter suppression was a bigger issue, while 37 percent named fraud.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/26/us/politics/voter-fraud-poll.html?_r=0