A bakery in Virginia is catching heat on its Facebook page after it posted a picture of a Confederate flag cookie cake it made for a customer last week…

“It was for us a business decision to do that,” Mike Sweeney, owner of Crumb & Get It in Fredericksburg, Va., told FOX5 News. “We had like a two minute conversation about it.”

The bakery posted this picture on their Facebook page and people started lining up to get their own Confederate flag cakes.

“What are your hours today?” asked one commenter, Sherrie Marie Shaw. “Can you make another one?”

The company responded that it could have one made by the next day, and for the bakery it is simply a free speech issue.

“The thing about this great Nation is that we all have opinions and are allowed to voice them,” the company said in a statement on its Facebook page. “This was not done out of hatred. We post many special orders, and will continue to do so. No, we will not do ISIS or Nazi cookie cakes, so don’t be ridiculous.”

Bakeries willingness to make cakes for gay weddings or celebrate gay pride has become a sticking point for some in recent weeks.

Source: Here’s Why This Bakery Chose To Make A Confederate Flag Cake | The Daily Caller