This is why so many Americans love Donald Trump!

A wounded warrior and 21-year veteran of the U.S. Army just found himself a new ally in his struggle to get proper care and treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs: GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump met the 101st Airborne vet and his wife, Todd and April, Tuesday evening at a Sioux City, Iowa, campaign event.

When The Donald noticed that the man was in a wheelchair, he left the podium behind and walked into the crowd to meet Todd and April face to face and hear their story.

He wasn’t happy with what he heard.

“With the current administration, warrior care is lacking to say the least, and especially post-service,” Todd explained. “What else will the Trump administration do better than the Obama administration?”

“Is the VA not doing the job?” Trump asked — a rhetorical question if I’ve ever heard one.

April, who serves as her husband’s full-time caregiver, explained that she couldn’t even get an appointment to enroll in a new VA program that was supposed to meet their needs.

“I am going to put pressure on the VA like you won’t believe,” Trump said after asking the couple to write down their contact information. “Let’s see if we can get this.”

“As president, I can guarantee it,” he added. “As Trump, I can say, ‘I’ll probably be able to pull it off anyway.’ Because they know it won’t stop. It’ll be easier to take Todd and just say ‘Look, Todd, we’re gonna work with you.’”

Can you imagine this same reaction from Hillary Clinton who just says the problems with the VA are widespread? Or Barack Obama who continues to cut funding for veterans while promising billions to Muslim refugees?
Source: VIDEO: Wounded Warrior Sends Trump Into RAGE With 1 Comment… Trump Pulls Out Phone Immediately