You’ve got to be working hard to be this bad at something.

It is unlikely that during the course of your life that you will encounter a hit man, but if you see this one walking at you, relax. You’re going to be fine.

This hit man, who lives in Brazil, was hired to take down a local store worker for reasons unknown.

Unfortunately for him, he probably won’t get another contract for a while — the man cannot hit the man directly in front of him to save his life, and we have the shocking, if somewhat amusing, footage to prove it.

The scene opens up with the man exiting the store in which he works with a rack of brooms and rakes, presumably to put on display. As he is about to round the corner, another man enters the screen in a blue and white striped shirt.

That man immediately pulls up his gun with his left hand and fires, missing his target’s head by inches. The terrorized man ducks down and retreats, dodging a second shot from inches away. The hit man is obviously confused. He snaps off a third round, which is ducked as well. Not the best way to bolster a baddie’s rep.

The scene ends with the pursuit continuing into the street.

Source: WORST HIT MAN IN HISTORY! Watch Man Miss 3 Times From Point Blank Range [VIDEO]