Rober Levinson

Obama snubbed this hostage AND his family!

Nine years ago,  former FBI agent Robert Levinson disappeared from an Iranian resort and is believed to be held hostage there. Unfortunately, President Barack Obama’s recent prisoner exchange with the rogue nation failed to include Levinson, and the way in which he chose to convey this information to the man’s family did not sit well with his wife.

He found out from a television news report.

“I thought after nine years that they would have enough respect for our family to at least tell us in advance that this is happening,” Levinson’s wife, Christine, explained to ABC News. “It could have been five minutes, but to find out on the TV for the whole family … was wrong. It was absolutely devastating.”

“I’m very disappointed,” she added. “I feel extremely betrayed by them.”

Levinson’s son, Dan, concurred, adding that Obama had pretty much left his father behind.

“It’s bad enough that we weren’t notified, but he wasn’t included in the deal and that’s never going to be enough and the least they could do is follow up with us and tell us the steps that they’re taking now,” he said.

He added that he and his mother hope to secure a meeting with President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry so that they can find out what exactly needs to be done to secure his father’s release.

“There are ways to get this done,” he asserted. “There are ways to have these talks and really be blunt with the Iranians and seek a proper way to get him released.”

The Levinson family has expressed happiness for the families of the four American prisoners released by Iran in exchange for the U.S. pardoning or dropping charges against seven Iranians. A fifth American was also released separately.

In discussing the release, President Obama said the U.S. would continue working to find Levinson. But when asked by reporters whether Levinson was still alive, Secretary of State John Kerry said, “We have no idea.”

Levinson’s family insists he is still alive, even with health issues including diabetes, gout and high blood pressure. They last got some visual record of him in video and photos that were sent about five years ago.

“I have been held here for 3 1/2 years,” Levinson says in the video. “I am not in good health.”

“The people who are working on the case directly, they have told us there is no evidence to suggest my dad is not alive,” Dan Levinson said.

Source: VIDEO: Wife of Hostage Left in Iran Reveals Sick Way Obama Let Her Know He Wasn’t Coming Home