TV show skunk spray

During a segment on a local morning show, this animal handler made sure the skunk he had on was going to “spray” the hosts, creating one of the most hilarious and awkward things you’ll see all day.The episode took place last week on KMTV in Omaha, Nebraska, when a representative from the group Wildlife Encounters dropped by on the station’s “Morning Blend” show to show off some animals — including a skunk.

“As long as they don’t feel threatened, you’re totally safe with skunks,” said Kip Smith, a representative with Wildlife Encounters told the hosts. “They don’t try to hurt us people.

“But, they do — their self-defense mechanism, they spray,” he continued. “So, if they get scared, if he feels threatened at all, they’ll shoot out spray, and it can shoot about 10 –”

And that’s when a visible stream of spray began coming out of the skunk’s posterior.

Both of the anchors immediately tried to get as far away as they could. However, they probably should have been tipped off by the fact that the guy from Wildlife Encounters was laughing hysterically and doing absolutely nothing to stop the skunk.

As it turns out, Smith was playing an epic prank by merely spraying with a small water bottle that he managed to sneak into the studio. I’m sure once both hosts stopped having heart palpitations, they probably found it as hilarious as we do.



Source: VIDEO: News Anchors FREAK When Animal Segment Goes Bad, Skunk “Spray” Is Everywhere