This is a home run for Trump… Hillary must be furious.

Billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken numerous shots at former secretary of state and probable Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but his latest was a veritable broadside.

Trump posted a short video to his Instagram account on Monday that featured the scandal-plagued Clinton laughing while showing images detailing some of the larger controversies she has been saddled with.

Text at the beginning of the video read: “Hillary has been having a laugh at our expense for years.”

Throughout the video, Clinton could be heard laughing continuously while several of her biggest controversies were highlighted, such as the Whitewater investigation, her private email server scandal, and the ongoing FBI investigation into that private server setup.

Finally, the last clip of the video featured Clinton laughing at the October Select Committee on Benghazi hearing while images of the burning diplomatic compound in Libya were shown and one of the committee members said: “I don’t know why that is funny.”

The video ended with text that read: “Don’t let the joke be on us!”

Source: VIDEO: Trump Team Posts Chilling Video Of Hillary Clinton… This Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine