Trump on face the nation

It sounds a whole lot better than Barack Obama’s “Do Nothing” plan!

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump explained his awesome plan for our military, which he labeled the “Trump Doctrine.”

“The Trump Doctrine is simple,” he explained to host Jake Tapper. “It’s strength. It’s strength. Nobody is going to mess with us. Our military will be made stronger.”

He added that we currently live “in an unbelievably dangerous and horrible world” — one which resembles the world as it was during “medieval times.”

His description could not have been more accurate. The Middle Ages saw a dramatic rise in Muslim strength and power, to the point that aggressive Islamic invasions of Europe became commonplace.

We see something similar occurring now, though in a slightly different fashion. In the Middle East, the Islamic State group continues to grow in size and strength, while in Europe, millions of Muslim migrants continue to stream across the border in an alleged attempt to build new lives for themselves.

Yet President Barack Obama just  rejected a defense bill that would have given our military the tools and resources they need to at least keep the Islamic State group at bay.

Trump cited the words of former Army Gen. Ray Ordierno, the former chief of staff who warned before his retirement in August that the army’s readiness had been cut to “historically low levels.”

“When General Odierno left,” Trump continued, “I was watching it three or four weeks ago on television where he said that the Army is in the worst level of preparedness that it’s ever been that he can ever remember, and maybe in its history.

He added, “I said, ‘wow, what a statement.’”

Source: VIDEO: Trump Reveals Awesome 2-Word Plan For The Military… America’s Enemies Shudder