Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he has been “a little bit divisive” in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night.

In anticipation of his possible role as leader of the Republican Party in the upcoming primaries, Trump asserted the need for unity in the GOP and said that in the future he will attempt to bring them together.

“I would like to see the Republican Party come together,” Trump said. “I’ve been a little bit divisive in the sense that I’ve been hitting people pretty hard.”

Trump acknowledged his lead in national polls and said that he will not be as harsh with his Republican rivals in the future.

“Ultimately we have to come together and get this thing done,” he noted.

However, Trump did not hesitate to call Bush a “low energy candidate” on Kimmel’s show. “He’s scared! He’s having a hard time running,” Trump said.

“We do not need low energy in this country. We need high energy. But honestly, I think he’s a nice person,” he continued.

Trump’s statement followed the fifth Republican debate, in which he made headlines for his differences with Jeb Bush.

During the debate, Bush called Trump a “chaos candidate,” and Trump simply retorted by referencing his lead in the polls.


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