It didn’t take Donald Trump long to comment on House Speaker John Boehner’s surprising announcement yesterday that he would be resigning at the end of October.

Trump had two bold words to say about Speaker Boehner’s decision: “It’s time.”

“I think it’s time, it’s a good thing,” he stated. “Someone else will come in and maybe they’ll have a tougher attitude.”

Trump didn’t stop there. Where asked by The Hill if he thought Speaker Boehner fought for “conservative principles,” Trump didn’t mince words.

“No, he didn’t. Not enough,” he said. “I don’t think he’s a conservative.”

“I think it’s time for him (to move on) and the party and everybody,” he added.

Speaker Boehner’s resignation represented s a victory of sorts for The Donald because it was yet another establishment Republican folding under pressure from the conservative movement.


Donald Trump has remained at the top of the polls for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination in part because he is a Washington outsider and isn’t afraid to attack what he sees as the corruption of the Republican party.

When asked about who he thought should replace Boehner, Trump stated that there were several good options available.

Source: VIDEO: Trump Issues Stinging 2-Word Response to Boehner’s Resignation… PERFECT!