The media bias was unbelievable!

Even in a Republican debate rich with candidates on the right putting down questioners from the left, Donald Trump’s smackdown of one moderator stood out.

The moment came early Wednesday, when CNBC’s John Harwood insulted Trump and his millions of supporters by implying the billionaire businessman is running some sort of Marvel Comics version of a presidential bid.

“Let’s be honest: Is this the comic book version of a presidential campaign?” Harwood asked.

(Actually, let’s be honest: Is this a presidential debate, or a “Saturday Night Live” parody waiting to happen? Here’s a hunch: The “SNL” writers were working on it before the debate was even over.)

Trump, of course, wasn’t taking any of it without fighting back.

“That’s not a very nicely asked question,” Trump said.

It wasn’t. But Harwood wasn’t close to finished yet. Citing unnamed “economic advisers,” he said: “They say you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would of flying away from that podium by flapping your wings.”

That was too much for Trump, who cited his own “economic adviser” by name – CNBC’s very own contributor and television celebrity Larry Kudlow – as a supporter.

“Then you would have to get rid of Larry Kudlow … who came out the other day and said ‘I love Trump’s tax plan,’” he said.

Source: VIDEO: Trump Blasts CNBC for Insane Question… DEMANDS Network Fire One of Their Own