Donald Trump announces an epic name for his border wall.

Liberals are gnashing their teeth over this … Good.

Speaking in Dallas on Monday, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed the tentative name for his border wall — and liberals will likely reel in horror and frustration when they hear it.

“This is a Trump Wall!” he announced. “This is a real wall”

He added that, much like the Great Wall of China, which was built 2,000 years ago and covered a length of 13,000 miles, his wall will “be a wall that you can’t get over with a ladder from Home Depot.” (Or any ladder, given that The Home Depot didn’t exist back then. But we knew what he meant.)

“What we’re talking about is 2,000 miles, but less maybe a thousand … because you have a lot of territory where you don’t need it,” he continued. “You have natural barricades. You have some walls that were built that are okay.”

His point was that if the Chinese were able to build a 13,000 mile wall 2,000 years ago, then there’s no reason on Earth why Americans empowered with contemporary technology couldn’t build a 1,000 mile wall.

The best part about the Trump Wall will be that the American taxpayers will not have to fork over a dime to pay for it.

“Mexico is going to pay,” Trump explained in a later part of his speech. “When you have Trump negotiating for you, they will pay 100 percent.”

Source: VIDEO: Trump Announces Epic Name for His Border Wall… Whiny Liberals Will HATE It