Kimmel and train hero

U.S. Airman Spencer Stone became an international hero when he helped thwart a Muslim terrorist’s attempt to shoot up a train in France in August. Now, late night host Jimmy Kimmel has paid him back with an unbelievable surprise.

During a Sept. 9 appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Stone detailed the experience for Kimmel. In return, the airman had a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro convertible presented to him by a player on his favorite basketball team — all arranged by Kimmel.

Stone was one of several people who stopped attempted attacker Ayoub El Kahzzani from shooting up the train by quick thinking. He received serious injuries in the attack, including several slashes from a box cutter. He was almost shot several times, as well, though the gun fortunately jammed each time.

Stone described the attack for Kimmel.

“I was asleep, had my headphones on and everything, just knocked out,” Stone said. “And I wake up and I see one of the train employees sprinting by me towards the front.”

“I take my headphones off and turn around, and I see the guy, and it’s like — total movie scene, just cocking the AK-47, shirtless, got a backpack on,” Stone recalled. “So I was just like, well — he hasn’t started shooting yet, so I’m not going to die sitting down.”

Stone said that the gun jammed right as he was reaching the attacker. When the soldiers had the attacker on the ground, he brought out another handgun, which also jammed. The attacker then slashed him several times with a box cutter, which Stone says he didn’t feel.

Kimmel also showed the stitches that Stone received on his neck, while Stone mentioned that if the attacker had gotten the blade any closer to his carotid artery, he likely would have died.

At the end of the interview, Airman Stone mentioned he was a fan of the Golden State Warriors, but wasn’t able to catch many of the games during their playoff run because of the time difference where he was stationed.

That’s when Kimmel brought in a surprise: Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson, who presented Stone with a jersey, a championship hat … and the keys to the Camaro in which Thompson made his grand entrance!

But wait! There’s more. Recently Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced Stone will also be receiving the Purple Heart.

Source: VIDEO: Train Hero Lists Injuries to Jimmy Kimmel… Kimmel’s Next Move Leaves EVERYONE in Shock