tom selleck

Though legendary actor Tom Selleck commands an estimated net worth of $22 million, he continues to work hard every day as a rancher.

“I work this ranch every day,” he said during a recent interview with AARP. “I do the grunt jobs because it saves me money. And it’s good for my head. This ranch is a great counterpoint to the acting business. I’m waging war with the tumbleweeds.”

In explaining what inspired this incredible work ethic, Selleck pointed to the thing liberals, particularly Hollywood liberals, abhor most — family values.

“I wouldn’t be obviously where I am today without family, and support, structure, and values I got from parents,” he explained. “They were just good people and good role models. They walked their talk, and that’s the basis for whoever I’ve turned out to be.”

Selleck, of course, first made a name for himself as the titular character in “Magnum, P.I.” As the actor pointed out, the show has been recognized for being one of the first to include a positive portrayal of a Vietnam veteran.

In a world where work ethic, family values and morals are disappearing, it’s refreshing to see a popular Hollywood actor stand up for some of the attributes that made America great.



Source: VIDEO: Tom Selleck Talks About Family Values… Liberal Hollywood Friends Are Horrified