Hollywood liberals will be steaming over this … Good.

Comedian and actor Tim Allen told Fox News host Sean Hannity Thursday he’s a lot like Mike Baxter, the conservative character on the hit show “Last Man Standing.”

“I’m what they call ‘fiscal conservative,’” Allen said.

“I like problem-solving. And problem-solving usually originates from my family. There were nine kids and a single mom for a while and a lot of it was, ‘How are you going to pay for this?’ My family is all about that. ‘How you going to pay for that? Any idea?’” he said.

Continuing on the topic of spending, Allen mentioned that he once attended a Democrat fundraiser in which it was mentioned that the country could spend its way out of debt, which is a laughable idea — something that is a perfect topic for the show.

Baxter is a self-proclaimed man’s man whose life is filled with women — his wife and three daughters. He maintains a video blog, which allows him to express his opinions about such issues as climate change, the bloated government and political correctness run amok.

Allen said he wants to say provocative things to make people think, but he wants to do it within the construct of a family show. There’s some of him in Baxter’s character, he said, and he and the writers for the show wanted to design him to be “a very smart Archie Bunker.”

Watch the interview below:


Source: BOOM: Tim Allen Just Made an Announcement That Will Have Liberal Hollywood FUMING