During all the years that we have been at war in the Middle East, the terrorists have never quite learned how deadly American air superiority can be.

A video from 2012 has recently resurfaced showing just how amazing our airpower is. In the video, we see a group of approximately 30 Taliban insurgents setting up some sort of ambush for coalition forces.

Unfortunately for them, they don’t notice the Apache helicopter that is watching them from above. After they set up their trap, the quickly walk away, and then the world starts exploding around them as the helicopter attacks.

At the end of the action, all that’s left are the bodies of terrorists, a couple goats and several smoking craters.

Videos like this remind all of us of just how important our air superiority is. Unfortunately, President Barack Obama refuses to use this awesome power against ISIS, causing countries like Russia to step in and mop up the terrorists for us.

We posses the strongest military in the world, and we need to start using it again.


Source: VIDEO: Terrorists Set Up Ambush For U.S. Troops… Have No Idea What’s Watching From Above