Divine retribution is a killer. As is stupidity. When the two are combined, it’s pretty much the perfect storm.

That’s apparently what happened here. In an undated video posted to YouTube in July of last year, a suicide bomber who was killed before he could carry out his mission was being given the traditional funeral procession of screaming Muslim extremists we always get to see on the nightly news.

The scene was a perfect send-off to the afterlife (if you’re a terrorist creep, that is). However, there was one slight problem involved: The genius in charge of the funeral forgot to remove the suicide bomber’s vest before he put the body on the bier.

You may perhaps begin to see where this is going.

About a minute into the video, a loud boom occurred and the camera shook. It soon became clear that the vest has gone off, and voices could be heard screaming “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!”

When the dust clears, it becomes evident that the suicide bomber has killed or injured quite a few of his own mourners, who wee lying about the now-cleared street.

While we generally aren’t for death, let’s face it — everyone who would turn out to celebrate the martyrdom of a savage who wanted to kill innocent people definitely got what he had coming to him.

Watch video below: Viewer discretion is advised.

Source: VIDEO: Terrorists Mourn Jihadist At Funeral… Seconds Later, Justice Is Served With A Huge BOOM