Thug beating

Yet another claim of a police beating… but this time, there’s video.

A punk teen from Texas who claimed a cop beat him for no good reason was proven a liar Monday when Jacinto City Police Chief Joe Ayala released video footage refuting the kid’s allegations.

The video showed the teen, Lee Hagan, on top of another kid, beating him senseless outside a convenience store. As soon as a cop car pulled up, Hagan jumped off the guy, only to be rightfully rushed and tossed to the ground by one of Ayala’s fine officers.

“I backed away from the dude after the police told me to get up,” Hagan claimed, according to KTRK. “He grabbed me and threw me through the window for no reason.”

Judging by the video, which you can watch here, the teen thug lied through his teeth. Instead of hurling the thug through the window, it looks as if Ayala’s officer simply pushed Hagan against it in an attempt to restrain him.

“It was not intentional on the officer’s part,” Ayala argued. “The officer did not body slam him into the window. He did not throw him into the window. He was trying to physically restrain him.”

Hagan, of course, continued to resist as is typical for thugs, so the officer forced him to the ground so he could take him in for questioning.

***You can watch the video HERE.

Source: VIDEO: Teen Says Cop Beat Him, Has No Idea This Video Is About to Surface