This is what verbal shock and awe looks like.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz took apart the president of the Sierra Club during a recent Senate subcommittee hearing that exposed just how far global warming alarmists will go to further President Barack Obama’s climate change agenda.

Under Cruz’s masterful interrogation Tuesday, the Sierra Club’s Aaron Mair repeatedly claimed that his organization agreed with “97 percent of the world’s scientists” that planet earth is “heating up and cooking” as a result of mankind. Then he stuttered and stammered as he leaned back and took talking points from his staff sitting behind him.

Mair made his “97 percent of scientists” remark a staggering 10 times during the 10 minutes of questioning and at one point, Cruz informed Mair that his information was based on nonsense.

“The problem with that particular statistic, which gets cited a lot,” Cruz explained, “is it’s based on one bogus study.”

Mair, who was obviously unprepared and nervous, refused to even answer a basic question when Cruz asked if the Sierra Club would be willing to retract its position if evidence came out to prove its stance on climate change was wrong.

To Mair, the idea of being proven wrong was clearly not acceptable.

“Is it correct that the satellite data over the last 18 years demonstrate no significant warming?” Cruz asked.

“No,” Mair replied.

“How is it incorrect?” Cruz asked.

“Based upon our experts, it’s been refuted long ago,” Mair said. “And it’s not up for scientific debate.”

Mair continued to dance around Cruz’s line of questioning, which revealed just how far the club was in the tank for Obama’s global warming agenda, which he claims is the most dangerous threat the United States faces in current times.


Source: VIDEO: Ted Cruz DESTROYS Sierra Club Head… This Is The Cruz We’ve Been Waiting For