You’ve got to love The Donald.

The liberal media has never been able to understand why Americans hold their Second Amendment rights so dear. Donald Trump does, though, and the 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner gave a simple yet elegant defense of our constitutional rights in an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday.

In the interview, reporter John Dickerson asked Trump about weapons, beginning by pointing out that Trump had a concealed weapons permit.

“When did you get it?” Dickerson asked.

“Years ago,” Trump responded.

Dickerson then asked Trump why.

“Because I like to have myself protected,” Trump said, adding that he carries “sometimes.”

“I’m a big Second Amendment person — big, as you probably know,” Trump said.

“Had they had, for example — for the horrible thing that just happened… in Oregon — had somebody in that room had a gun, the result would have been better.”

Dickerson then asked Trump whether he would recommend that Americans buy guns.

“That’s up to them,” Trump said. “But I will tell you — I feel much better being armed.”

Dickerson also asked whether Trump thought teachers and educators ought to be armed, too.

“Assuming they knew how to use the weapon, which hopefully they would, it would have been a lot better when this maniac walked into class starting to shoot people,” Trump responded.

It shows the proclivities of the mainstream media that Dickerson even had to ask Trump why he took advantage of his Second Amendment rights. The idea that people can protect themselves with firearms is completely anathema to what the left believes.


Source: VIDEO: Reporter Asks Donald Trump If He Carries A Weapon… Trump Gives PERFECT Answer