Absolutely insane… and frightening.

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton supporters are a low-information bunch. After all, taking a woman who has committed enough felonies to put her in jail for a good chunk of her remaining years on earth and voting to put her in the White House instead takes either an insane amount of rationalization or an insane amount of ignorance.

However, just how much ignorance is required to be a Hillary supporter? YouTube personality Mike Dice decided to find out, and the answer might surprise you … or perhaps it won’t.

Dice went out on the beach in California to get Hillary supporters’ opinions about Shariah law. However, Dice conducted a little experiment: He would tell them that Hillary was supporting the expansion of Shariah law to help women’s rights.

“One of Hillary’s primary campaign promises is to help expand the Shariah law program in minority communities in America,” Dice asked. “Do you think that that’s the right campaign platform to be running on?”

How did that go over?

Well if Hillary thinks it’s a good idea…it must BE a good idea. Right?


Source: VIDEO: Reporter Asks Hillary Supporters What They Think Of Shariah Law… Answers Are Horrifying