As the Syrain Civil War continues, we’re not surprised to see rebel soldiers going up against trained snipers. That rarely ends well, however, as the following video from suggests.

The only information provided about the video came from “An FSA (Free Syrian Army) Rebel is shot dead after trying to take out Syrian Army Sniper.” No additional information about the rebel or the sniper was provided.

The rebel peeked around the side of the building and fired several shots, but his technique was lacking — it appeared that he wanted to be a video star rather than a soldier. Unfortunately for him, things usually don’t play out in real life like they do in video games.

The video emerged after President Barack Obama recently announced that the United States would deploy 50 Special Forces troops to Syria, even though he had promised the American military would not have “boots on the ground” in the war-ravaged nation.

The American people have been told that this is not a combat mission even though the troops could face serious risks.


Source: VIDEO: Rebel Soldier Tries To Outsmart Sniper… It Does NOT End Well For Him