VIDEO: Perverted Muslims Gripe About Lack of Sex in Refugee Camp... Click to Tweet

You see it all throughout Islamic society and now throughout Europe. Soon to come here to the States as well. These young, fit, fighting age men in these migrant camps seem to complain about everything: food, conditions, water, Internet, sex… these same whiners are raping women with abandon in refugee camps in Germany. Many of these animals rape and behead women afterwards. At the very least, they usually wash, pray and then rape. They prefer children, but as this man says, they’ll have sex with anyone. They are a bunch of disgusting, barbaric animals on the loose. And they are brutal and dangerous.

From InfoWars:

Video footage shot outside a refugee camp in Europe shows a migrant complaining about the lack of sex available in the camp while bemoaning the fact that he had to stay in a taxpayer funded hospital for three days…

“I sleep three days in hospital,” the migrant tells the interviewer, who asks him what the problem was.

The man points to his groin while laughing…

Another man then complains about the fact that he can’t bring any girls (presumably prostitutes) to the refugee camp.

It is not known where the footage was shot, but the subtitles to the video are in Dutch.

Last week we also highlighted a video in which “refugees” at a camp in the Netherlands complain about the facility having slow Internet, average food and not being given enough money to buy cigarettes.

The lack of females with whom to have sex has not been a problem for some migrants at camps in Germany, who are forcing women and underage girls into prostitution…

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