VIDEO: Obama Thought He Could Take This 15-Year-Old's Gun, She Makes A Complete Fool Out Of Him ⋆ US Herald Click to Tweet

Perhaps the simplest way to describe this video is to quote from scripture “OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES” which loosely defines this young girl’s appearance at a recent hearing involving gun control and her response which simply proves that at times a young person can be remarkably wise way beyond their years, as this 15-year old demonstrates.

Remarkably at ease this pretty blond girl takes center stage for no more the 3-minutes and systemically takes apart every argument of those politicians advocating for more gun control legislation.

She first speaks of her own background with firearms, telling legislators that she’s been shooting and handling firearms since she was 8-years old, and because of her experiences with firearms and her marksmanship capabilities, she tells legislators that because of guns she eligible in receiving “shooting scholarships” to attend a “decent college.”

However more importently this young lady actually gets into the weeds, with comprehensive data, sighting Chicago with its tough gun control laws, and the carnage taking place within the ‘windy city” regardless of the fact that Chicago has one of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation

Source: VIDEO: Obama Thought He Could Take This 15-Year-Old’s Gun, She Makes A Complete Fool Out Of Him ⋆ US Herald