Watch her try to recover…priceless!

MSNBC was looking for one of Donald Trump’s “racist” supporters who were supporters of David Duke and the KKK. What they found instead was a black man whose views made them so wildly confused it took them a moment to recover.

It all happened during a segment on Trump’s alleged racism.

The network had David Corn, the Washington bureau chief for the far left magazine Mother Jones, on with anchor Tamron Hall to discuss David Duke’s “endorsement” of Trump. Of course, Trump had disavowed it, but that wasn’t enough for the anchor or the Mother Jones bureau chief.

That’s when they showed video of one of Trump’s black supporters talking about Duke’s “endorsement.”

“David Duke and people like that they come out from under the rocks this time this year,” the Trump supporter said. “It got nothing to do with Donald Trump. We’re all Americans. We need to stop with all this racist stuff.”

He then pointed to the white man next to him. “Like me and my friend right here,” the man said. “We just met today and we gotta stop with the racist stuff.”

Watch as they cut back to a frozen Tamron Hall and David Corn. It’s hilarious. Their brains appear to be processing the information like a Commodore 64 trying to run Photoshop.

Source: VIDEO: MSNBC Anchor Horrified When Interview With Black Voter Goes Horribly Wrong