Wow! That’s what you call a truth bomb.

Karen Lamoreaux, an Arkansas mother of three, became a legend when she delivered a powerful speech to the Arkansas Board of Education that outlined everything wrong with the Common Core Standards that many schools have been bullied into adopting.

In her 2013 address to the board, she said she represented 1,110 parents, educators and taxpayers “who have very serious reservations about the Common Core initiative.”

After laying out a brilliant argument and accusing the board of buying into the “empty sales pitch” that the new standards would be a “set of rigorous, college-ready internationally benchmarked standards that prepare our kids to compete in a global economy,” Lamoreaux dropped jaws when she presented the board with what should have been a simple math problem.

The outraged mother told the board that students who were testing in the 80th percentile a year prior to the Common Core initiative were now bringing home terrible grades.

“Our concerns are not based on hysteria or propaganda. They are based on fact and we are prepared to present those facts,” Lamoreaux stated.

She reminded the board that Common Core was “dumbing our children down” and that they needed the board to listen to the parents and teachers who were obviously left out of the decision to adopt the radical method of education.

Source: VIDEO: Mom Only Needs A Few Minutes To DESTROY Common Core… Spread This Everywhere