You’ll either laugh or cry at how preposterous this is… maybe both.

Liberals have been pushing the Common Core curriculum on public schools as yet another scheme for our government to become more intrusive into our lives by mandating how our kids learn.

On the other hand, the large majority of conservatives — and freedom-loving people in general — have been adamantly opposed to the curriculum, not just because it’s a product of big government, but because its methods are absolutely, without a doubt, 100 percent ridiculous.

One Ohio nanny recently posted a video online in attempt to show how to solve a math problem the “Common Core” way, and it has gone viral — for good reason.

Melissa Strzala wanted to help the kids she watches with their homework, but she was confused about how the curriculum worked, so she went to a tutorial session at her local library. When she returned home, she recorded a video about the “lesson” she learned at the tutorial, and it perfectly shows why Common Core is so hilariously ridiculous.

Is it just me or does that seem ENTIRELY more complicated than it should be? As someone who was taught under the “old” way to solve math problems, I can’t imagine that this technique would have helped.

The truth is that Common Core, like most government-mandated programs, only makes things worse. The methods seem confusing for kids who are learning a difficult subject and nearly impossible for parents to help their children with homework — not to mention the additional strain it has put on teachers who have been forced to re-learn how to teach an entire subject.

Source: VIDEO: Midwest Nanny’s Explanation Of Common Core Will Have You In Stitches