If you listen carefully in the high desert in Northern New Mexico, you’ll hear more than the wind and a rustling brush.

Ra Paulette has lived in the area for the last 25 years and dedicated himself to a project so immense, most would simply shy away from its sheer magnitude.

But now that he’s revealed his life’s work, people from all over the globe are going to New Mexico to see!

Paulette isn’t an architect or an engineer. He’s a simple man with a hobby that ended up consuming his life.

He doesn’t spend his time woodworking or cooking, instead Paulette has dedicated his life to the creation of beautiful art he’s carved from a New Mexico cave.

He calls his pieces “Wilderness Shrines” since they highlight the natural beauty of the desert landscape.


Source: He Isolated Himself In The Desert For 25 Years. What He Reveals Just Feet Inside This Doorway? WOW! | American Overlook