This is going to get liberals hopping mad… Good.

A Tennessee gun store owner has responded to the Roseburg, Oregon, shooting by offering a five percent discount on new guns to customers who profess to be Christian.

Brant Williams, owner of Frontier Firearms in Kingston, told WVLT-TV that the deliberate targeting of Christians at Umpqua Community College by shooter Chris Harper-Mercer made him want to take a stand for his faith.

“If Christians are going to be targeted, we need to protect ourselves,” Williams said. “The best way to protect yourself is with the best weapon available, and that happens to be a handgun.”

Williams’ deal comes after a Tennessee official, Republican Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, urged Christians to get a handgun permit in order to protect themselves.

“Ron Ramsey had a good point,” Williams said. “Christians need to arm up.”

Williams has come under fire from some who say  it’s not fair than non-Christians don’t get the discount.

However, Williams told reporters it wasn’t about proving that you’re a follower of Christ.

“I don’t think it’s a matter or proving or disapproving,” said Williams. “It’s a matter of saying the words ‘I’m a Christian‘ and you get the discount.”

“We can stand up and not worry about being shot for our beliefs, or maybe we can stand up and shoot back,” he added. “I’d like to let Christians know there are businesses out there, even though the law likes to silence us and those that oppose us like to silence us, but we won’t be silenced.”

He also said he’s never refused to sell anyone a gun and welcomes customers of all religions.

Source: VIDEO: After Oregon Shooting, Tenn. Gun Shop Offers Discount If You’ll Just Say This 1 Word