They chose to mess with the wrong woman!

During a campaign rally in Iowa this weekend, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina got confronted by a group of pro-abortion protesters who reportedly threw condoms at her.

Rather than evade the protesters, as some candidates might have done, Fiorina bravely chose to approach them and enter into a lively debate, reported CNN.

When one of them, a woman named Cindy Shireman, asked her how she as a woman can “not support our healthcare,” Fiorina replied, “I support your healthcare … I don’t support the butchering of babies!

Their discussion centered on Planned Parenthood, a government-funded abortion provider whose officials were recently caught in undercover investigative videos discussing the harvesting and sale of fetal body parts.

Fiorina urged Shireman to watch the videos, to which she replied that she had already seen them. But apparently videos of living babies having their lives snuffed out on camera had no effect on Shireman, because she again absurdly asserted that Fiorina doesn’t care about women’s healthcare.

“I understand we may disagree on things, but you need to ask yourself some questions,” Fiorina then fired back.

“Why is it that fetuses are aborted alive to butcher their brains? Why? You ought to also ask, you should look at some facts. How much money does Planned Parenthood give to Democrat candidates? This a big political rig.”

Source: VIDEO: Liberal Ambushes Carly Fiorina At Rally… Learns Quickly It Was A MASSIVE Mistake