A video uploaded to LiveLeak on Sept. 12 with the title “Muslims Beat Up Dutch Girl” allegedly showed a Muslim man and his pal beating up a Dutch woman for wearing garb not consistent with the Islamic faith.

Neither the identities of the people present nor the motive for the attack have been corroborated, but according to the individual who uploaded it to LiveLeak, it was recorded in the Netherlands and involved nothing but pure unadulterated radical Islamic hatred.

While it is quite difficult to decipher exactly what was said during the altercation, it has been reported — but again not corroborated — that the man told the Dutch girl, “You dress like a whore.”

When she tried to argue, he then slapped her, causing her to stagger backward. The thug then began punching the woman until she fell to the ground. All this happened as his friends laughed in the background.

And then one of his pals approached the woman himself to kick her a few times in the head.

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