What a perfect answer. This is Trump at his best.

During a town hall meeting in New Hampshire hosted by “Today’s” Matt Lauer on Monday, 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump got accosted by a potential voter who demanded that he reveal his “specifics” on immigration reform.

You’re going to vote for me,” Trump promptly responded. “If you look at (Ben) Carson, he’s very weak on immigration. If you look at (Jeb) Bush, he says they are coming for love. If you look at (Marco) Rubio, he was a member of the Gang of Eight. They’re all weak on immigration. I’m the only one that’s really, really strong.”

Trump’s point was that none of the other presidential candidates have “specifics” to begin with, which is why achieving meaningful immigration reform required voting Trump into office.

After getting that out of the way, Trump then revealed his plan to make Mexico pay for a border wall to keep illegals out. Lauer responded by asking exactly how he would handle the millions of illegals already in the country.

“It’s called management,” Trump replied. “It’s called, ‘We have a country, and they’re here illegally.’”

Source: VIDEO: Lady Asks Trump For Immigration “Specifics”… He Gives Most PERFECT Trump Answer Ever