VIDEO: ISIS Scum Gets An Early Christmas Gift They Won't Soon Forget... Tis The Season, THUGS Click to Tweet

The Eurocopter EC-635 is described as a light helicopter, but it certainly didn’t feel that way to the barbarians in the Islamic State group. This helicopter, now part of the Iraqi military’s arsenal, is expert at raining down death upon the savages that have made life in Syria and Iraq so deadly.

This video, just posted to YouTube on Monday, showed an Iraqi EC-635 providing close air support in the fight against the Islamic State group thugs. Watching it take them out is the perfect way to start off a glorious holiday weekend.

The first shot showed the EC-635 strafing its target with the guns on the helicopter. Then, video of the EC-635 firing a missile at its target, causing even more damage, appeared. Both seem to take place in the same run at the same location at dusk.


Source: VIDEO: Friendly Forces Deliver ISIS Barbarians An Early Christmas Present… Tis The Season, THUGS